Preparing for installation

Sit back and relax. You’re in safe hands with Clearglaze.

Most homeowners are pleasantly surprised about how fuss-free a Clearglaze installation is. However, the following few simple preparations by the homeowner can also help:

  1. If possible, please clear all areas around the site so that fitters can protect the area entirely with a dust sheet; however, they are more than happy to help move heavy items on the day.
  2. Shrubs, plants, and any other growth should be cut back from external windows to allow your installers suitable access.
  3. Before installation, any curtains, drapes, or window ornaments should be removed from the immediate window area.
  4. If possible, any redecoration to window reveals, and boards should be left until after the new window has been installed.
  5. The above points serve as guidelines, and before your installation, you can seek further advice from Clearglaze’s experienced surveyors.
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The Clearglaze Family

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